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Customer Training

Maintenance Training

NPI recommends that at least one qualified technician complete maintenance training prior to sorter installation. Alternatively, maintenance training can be conducted on-site after sorter installation as long as training will not impact production. Students will learn to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the sorter.

Operator Training

Immediately after sorter installation, NPI installation personnel will train operators to load, run, clear jams, and sweep mail from the sorter. Depending upon your company policy, operators may be trained to perform basic sorter setup, troubleshooting, and reports generation.

Operations Training

NPI can train managers, supervisors, and administrators to effectively use important NPI applications such as PostalManager, Merge Sort Data, Sort Plan Editor, Account Editor, and Container Label Generator.

Advanced/Specialized Training

NPI can provide advanced and/or specialized training.

Remedial Training

NPI can train your new employees at any level required.

*For more information about training, a training syllabus, or pricing, contact your NPI Sales Representative