Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

Singulate up to 10,000 Parcels Per Hour

Converting bulk into singulated flow has always been one of the most challenging aspects for feeding automated parcel processing solutions. Historically, there have been two options; either a manual and time consuming approach or a very large footprint automated solution with an extremely high price tag.

To solve this challenge, NPI’s patented Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator is capable of production flows of up to 10,000 PPH and handling a wide array of product types from polybags to boxes. The semi-automated design also allows for the system to be operated with either 1 or 2 operators depending on work flow requirements. The NPI Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator includes a semi-automatic singulation table, independent power control panel, PLC and NPI’s touch screen operator control panel. Additional options include a dumper to discharge gaylords, pallets, or carts. It can be used to feed a single induction lane or split the load between two induction lanes by smart-sensing available space on each lane and directing product flow appropriately.

The Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator can run in a variety of different modes that allow for optimum induction, based on product type. This can include combinations of fast automatic singulation, slow automatic singulation and a manual pull mode. Programmable options on the touch screen operator control panel allow employees to easily switch between modes based on product type to optimize flow.

, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

Watch The Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator in Action

A Compact Solution for Parcel Singulation

Singulate Up to 10,000 Parcels Per Hour  |  Compact Design

Dump Multiple Container Types, 4 Different Modes, Utilize with One or Two Operators

Converts a Bulk Amount of Parcels into a Single Stream for Efficient Product Flow

A fast solution for inducting a bulk amount of parcels into singulated flow

Integrate into Existing Warehouse Solutions

A cost efficient solution for a variety of applications

Intelligent Workload Balancing

Operate with One or Two Workers Depending on Your Requirements

Select From Multiple Modes for Singulation Based on Product type

Select from Poly Fast, Poly Slow, Fully Automatic, and Manual

Handles Poly Bags, Flats, Boxes, and Irregular Packages

Providing a single system for sorting multiple product types

Adjustable Belt Speeds Allow for Working at a Preferred Pace

Gives you the choice to singulate parcels at a relaxed and consistent pace, or speed up the process during peak times.

Integrated eStop System for Safety

Stop the system for any safety reason

Cost-Effective Solution with a Small Footprint

Makes efficient use of your valuable floor space with a fast return on investment

Touch Screen Operator Control Panel for Easy and Intuitive Operation

Simple and clear operator interface

Dump Multiple Container Types

Ability to dump carts, multiple sizes of gaylords, or collapsible bins easily and quickly

Patent Pending Pallet Hold Down Kit

An efficient and safe pallet hold down kit designed to hold gaylords in place while tipping parcels on to the singulation table

Physical Package Characteristics
LENGTHMin 4” (101mm)/Max 24” (610mm) Greater Capacity Optional
WIDTHMin 4” (101mm)/Max 20” (508mm)
HEIGHTMin 0.197” (5mm)/Max 18” (457mm) Greater Capacity Optional
WEIGHTMin 0.8 oz (23g)/ Max 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Power Requirements
VOLTAGE380 – 480 VAC 3PH
CURRENTDepends on Configuration
FREQUENCY50hz – 60hz

  • Dumper
    • Hydraulically operated parcel dumper.  Accommodates most pallets, gaylords, carts and containers
  • Hopper – Gen3 Semi automated feed conveyor
    • Incline conveyor / hopper for de-layering
  • Singulation Table
    • Right angle conveyor transitions for semi-automatic singulation
  • Infeed Conveyor
    • Capable of commingling different operational streams of product

Sortable Package Types

BoxesPoly BagsFlats
, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

• At position 1, the operator selects mode with control panel to optimize flow

• A dumper at position 2 is used to empty parcels out of a container directly into a hopper at position 3, which then feeds the parcels onto the feeder conveyor at position 4

• Manual: Operators reach into position 5 & 6, then manually puts parcels onto position 7 & 8

• Poly Slow: Positions 5 & 6 automatically inject parcels at low tempo to gaps in positions 7 & 8 prior to operator. No reaching required

• Poly Fast: Positions 5 & 6 automatically inject parcels at high tempo to gaps at positions 7 & 8 prior to operator. No reaching required

• Fully Automatic: Position 5 continuously inject packages to position 7. No reaching required

, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

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, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

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, Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator

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