Automated Pharmaceutical Poly Bag Sorting

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With the increased move towards online e-commerce and direct-to-consumer prescription ordering, it’s become more important than ever for suppliers to install the optimal equipment required to sort and ship prescriptions efficiently. NPI’s Xstream sliding shoe sorter is designed to sort poly bags and boxes of many sizes with speed in a space saving configuration. We offer an affordable system for pharmaceutical applications like mail-order prescriptions, where order fulfillment accuracy is equally as important. The NPI Xstream Sliding Shoe Sorter is optimal for central fill operations and compliments pharmaceutical companies looking to speed up their order fulfillment process. 

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Precise Poly Bag and Box Sorting

, Pharmaceuticals

The NPI Xstream uses dimensioning, weighing, and scanning technologies to accurately sort poly bags and parcels to their correct destination. The poly bags then are conveyed on to a conveyor comprised of sliding shoes and slats. The anti-jam shoes are designed to gently divert the parcels into their designated output.

Pharmaceutical Sorting in a Small Footprint

The Xstream is modular by design, allowing for a custom configuration that can fit your specific needs. Additional output modules in multiples of 8 outputs each can be added to satisfy customer’s sorting requirements and improve sorter efficiency.

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