Automating eCommerce Parcel Sortation

, eCommerce20% of all purchases today are performed online vs in-store. With eCommerce online shopping becoming increasingly popular every year, order fulfillment has become more challenging. eCommerce fulfillment companies have gradually discovered that they need an automatic sorting system to increase their speed and efficiency. 

We’ve worked with many eCommerce companies looking to automate their sorting process with the intent to speed up their shipping process and get a quick return on their investment. Understanding that each company is different, we’ve designed our Xstream sliding sorter system to be modular and scalable.  A modular design allows NPI to configure a parcel sorting system specifically for your company’s needs. Whether you’re in need of a solution with a small footprint, or you’re looking for the fastest throughput possible with a large amount of outputs, NPI can configure and optimize a system that will bring strong results. 

Benefits of Automating Your eCommerce Fulfillment Operation

, eCommerceInstalling an automated sorting system in your facility will help you reduce work, increase the accuracy of your shipments, and reduce the time it takes to fulfill a shipment.

  • Eliminate Shipping Mistakes
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Manage and Process Returns
  • Improve Accuracy

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