First Mile / Last Mile

Automated Parcel Sorting for First Mile & Last Mile

, First Mile / Last MileFirst Mile Delivery consists of organizing and categorizing incoming parcels and packages from various sources such as suppliers, manufacturers, or other distribution centers. A First Mile Delivery company will ensure that each parcel is sorted based on its destination, size, and weight, to make it easier for the next step in the delivery process.

Last Mile Delivery receives sorted parcels and packages, organizing them based on delivery routes to optimize the sequence for efficient delivery. To shorten delivery time and increase the overall productivity of the delivery process, parcel sorters play a crucial role in tracking and updating the status of each parcel with real-time information for customers.

Parcel sorting systems offer efficiency for both first and last mile delivery by streamlining operations, reducing labor, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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, First Mile / Last Mile

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, First Mile / Last Mile

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The NPI Xstream Dual Lane Sliding Shoe Sorter is a reliable, efficient, and scalable solution for parcel or package sorting with minimal maintenance requirements. 

, First Mile / Last Mile

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The Xstream is a high speed and accurate automated sortation system capable of sorting boxes, poly bags, flats and irregular parcels.

, First Mile / Last Mile

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