Duravant ONSIGHT™

Remote Analytics and Reporting For Logistics Operations

, Duravant ONSIGHT™
, Duravant ONSIGHT™

Our new IIoT services provides data-gathering and sharing capabilities, giving your machines the ability to run smarter and your production run smoother. Our IIoT services powered by Duravant ONSIGHT™ will help you to intelligently connect the dots for an efficient operation.

Access The Data You Need Anywhere

Includes an Easy to Use, All-In-One Dashboard

Monitor the Performance of All Locations Within One Dashboard

View analytics of every sortation operation within your company

Access Duravant ONSIGHT™ from
Anywhere at Any Time

Access on a plane, train, at home, or in office. Anywhere with internet.

Stores up to One Years Worth of Reporting Data

Allowing you to compare how well your company sorted parcels month-to-month

Monitor the Performance of Each Sortation System

Enables you to determine the differences between the performance of your sortation systems

Live Reporting Data Updates Every Hour

Keeping you informed of the performance of your operation

Export Useful Data to CSV or Excel format

Send valuable information as an attachment to your collegues

Stores up to 30 Days of Individual Mail Piece Data

Find specific information about a specific parcel easily

View Sort Rate, Read Rate, DIM Rate

Easily identify abnormalities of your sortation system

Drill Down to See the Performance of Each Side of Each Sorter

Allows you to determine the performance of your employees and operation

Monitor Your Operation's Efficiency Remotely

Duravant ONSIGHT™ is an end-to-end solution that creates an encrypted link between intelligent NPI machines and a secure cloud environment. Modern IIoT solutions allow logistics operations to monitor the machine’s performance and act in real-time. Our IIoT services powered by Duravant ONSIGHT™ provide logistics operations with an even broader range of benefits.

, Duravant ONSIGHT™

Full control and automation at your fingertips.
The breadth of data available from NPI systems combined with the power of our IIoT solution, Duravant ONSIGHT™ enable the operator to calculate advanced metrics such as Service Level Availability, Sort Counts and Rates, and Operational Equipment Effectiveness real-time. This level of situational awareness enables managers to take effective action before problems arise.

, Duravant ONSIGHT™

Enabling Situational Awareness of Your Operations

Access anywhere in the world  |  View machine performance  |  Respond to machine health

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