Letter & Flats Sorting Systems

, Letter & Flats Sorting Systems

Omega Letter and Flats Sorting System

Introducing the Omega, one of the most compact sorters on the market today. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Omega is an advanced solution that meets all your sorting requirements.

Boasting an impressive throughput of up to 20,000 pieces per hour, the Omega is equipped with the industry’s most advanced Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) capable of reading both handwritten and text. In addition, its software-based barcode reader, which supports IMB, two-dimensional, and linear barcodes, is highly efficient and reliable.

Vsort Letter and Flats Sorting System

The NPI Vsort is revolutionizing flat-sorting technology with an industry leading throughput of 24,000 per hour. Featuring a modular design, the Vsort was created with your future growth in mind. NPI’s modular Vsort gives the customer the ability to add more chutes and/or pockets when needed.

At the end of the day, what you really care about is your bottom line — and that’s where Vsort really shines. With its combination of speed and anti-jam technology, this amazing letter and flats sorter minimizes the need for human intervention. Which translates to real cost savings and improved profits for your company.

, Letter & Flats Sorting Systems
, Letter & Flats Sorting Systems

Maxim Letter Sorting System

With its advanced reading and sorting technology, lightning-fast processing speeds, and a wide range of pocket options, the Maxim is the obvious choice for high-volume mail sorting. But don’t just take our word for it, compare the Maxim to other sorters and see for yourself how it outperforms the rest.

In a demanding mailing environment, you need a sorter that can handle it all. Trust the Maxim to deliver the flexibility, reliability, and high-performance you need to streamline your operations and take your letter and mail sorting requirements to the next level.

PTI Letter Sorting System

The PTI Letter Sorting System is well known for it’s efficiency and how it’s built to last. It With the capability of sorting up to 36,000 letters per hour, the PTI is an excellent choice for your mailing operations. It’s modular design allows for the ability to increase the number of pockets to accommodate for your high volume mailing needs. The PTI is fitted with Omni-Directional software based barcode readers, and utilizes the top performing multi-line optical character reader (MLOCR). The MLOCR includes the ability to read printed text as well as hand written text.

With these features in mind, along with it’s unprecedented ability to outlast other letter sorter systems with minimal maintenance, the PTI is an excellent choice for your mailing operation.

, Letter & Flats Sorting Systems
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