Xstream Compact

, Xstream Compact

Go to the Xstream and Sort Up To 10,000 Parcels Per Hour

NPI’s Xstream Compact Sliding Shoe Sorter is recognized for being a highly efficient and compact automated sorting solution that uses as little as 2,500 square feet of floor space. The Single Lane Bi-Directional configuration gives the Xstream the ability to sort parcels in two directions, allowing for more outputs and destinations with a small footprint. The Xstream Compact can reach throughputs up to 10,000 parcels per hour. It provides a platform capable of sorting a wide range of mail or package types from flats mail to poly bags and boxes. Utilizing NPI’s patented Parcel Singulator, parcels are inducted and singulated quickly and efficiently with a unique process requiring only one or two operators. Parcels are then dimensioned, weighed, and scanned in at a high rate of speed through the DWS tunnel. They’re then conveyed on to the shoe sorter conveyor consisting of shoes and slats. Once the parcel reaches it’s designated output, it is diverted by NPI’s sliding shoes into its output that was pre-determined using NPI’s industry leading software.

, Xstream Compact

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A Compact Parcel Sorting System That Uses a Minimal Amount of Your Valuable Floor Space

Up to 10,000 Parcels Per Hour  |  Compact and Scalable Design  |  Reduce Labor Requirements

Sorts Boxes, Poly Bags, Jiffy Packs, Flats, and Irregularly Shaped Parcels With Precise Accuracy
High Throughput

Up to 10,000 parcels per hour

Compact and Scalable Design

Perfect for businesses with limited floor space. Modular design allows it to grow with your business.

Multi-Sided Omni-Directional Barcode Reading Capability

For most 1D, 2D, and Postal barcode types to improve accuracy and reduce errors

Sorts Plastic, Poly Bags, Boxes, Flats, and Most Irregular Packages

To handle a wide variety of product types

Handles a Wide Variety of Product Sizes, Shapes, and Weights

For increased flexibility

Integrates with Existing Conveyor Systems

To extend the current capabilities of your operation

Multiple Output Options

Accommodates any industry and business type

Versatile and User-Friendly Web-Based Software

Industry leading WCS software designed for easy customization and control

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

With high throughput capacity of up to 10,000 parcels, poly bags, flats and irregular packages per hour

High Speed Dimensioning, Weighing, and Scanning (DWS)

In motion 6-sided scanning, impressive weight scaling down to 5g of accuracy and LFT (legal for trade) dimensioning for parcels up to 25lbs.

Intelligent Gapping Technology

Conveyors automatically and dynamically create a gap between parcels for accurate bar code scanning

Certified Legal for Trade Option

Scales certified for commercial weighing purposes

High Speed Dual Sided Sortation

Sort to more destinations without sacrificing floor space

Chutes with Product Control Technology

For precise distribution of parcels into containers

Anti-Jam Sliding Shoes & Slats

Breakaway design prevents jams and allows for easy replacement.

Industry Leading Uptime

Cost effective maintenance plans available for maximized system availability

Increased Accuracy and Reduced Errors

With multi-sided omni-directional barcode reading capability for most barcode types

Increased Flexibility and Versatility

With the ability to sort a wide variety of product types, sizes, shapes, and weights

Streamlined Sorting Process With Inbound and Outbound Package Processing

Saving time and resources

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With faster and more accurate delivery times, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business

Standardized and Secure API

For interface into customer's sort control system

The Xstream is a High Density, Fast and Accurate Package Sorting System

A Linear Sorter That Reliably Sorts a Wide Variety of Poly Bags, Flats, Packages and Parcels

Physical Package Characteristics
LENGTHMin 4” (101mm)/Max 24” (610mm) Greater Capacity Optional
WIDTHMin 4” (101mm)/Max 20” (508mm)
HEIGHTMin 0.197” (5mm)/Max 18” (457mm) Greater Capacity Optional
WEIGHTMin 0.8 oz (23g)/ Max 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Power Requirements
VOLTAGE380 – 480 VAC 3PH
CURRENTDepends on Configuration
FREQUENCY50hz – 60hz

  • Key Features
    • Bulk Parcel Singulator
      • Hopper – Gen3 automated feed conveyor
        • Incline conveyor / hopper for delayering
      • Singulation Table (patent pending)
        • Right angle conveyor transitions for semi-automatic singulation
      • Dumper
        • Hydraulically operated parcel dumper.
        • Unload gaylords, carts, collapsible bins and brick-stacked boxes on pallets.
    • Conveyors
      • Wide variety of horizontal – incline / decline conveyors for parcel feed and recirculation
    • Dimension, Weigh, Scan (DWS)
      • High speed in-motion parcel dimensioning
      • In-motion weighing down to 5g of accuracy.
      • Certified Legal For Trade option available
      • BCR & OCR scanning up to 6 sides. Most codes and bar code sizes readable
    • Automatic Label Print & Apply
      • High-speed label printing and application
    • Gapping Module
      • Dynamic gapping conveyors automatically creates the optimal gap between back-to-back parcels for high throughput parcel sortation
    • Sort Module
      • Sort modules configurable for high density output pitch at 22”, 33” 44” as well as variable pitch
      • Single sided and dual sided configuration available
    • Output Devices
      • Sort output devices available for any application
      • Options include chutes, slides, gaylords, mail sacks, carts, and conveyor spurs
      • Outputs include sensors for divert confirmation, container present, and container full status indicators

, Xstream Compact

Sortable Package Types
BoxesPoly BagsFlats
, Xstream Compact, Xstream Compact, Xstream Compact
Parcel Output Options
Collapsible BinsMail CartsGaylordsMail Sacks
, Xstream Compact, Xstream Compact, Xstream Compact, Xstream Compact
, Xstream Compact

A Compact Linear Conveyor Sortation System

Perfect for growing businesses with emerging sortation needs

Many different industries have been known to use sliding shoe sorters which greatly benefit their operations on a cost and time saving basis showing fast return on investment. From the pharmaceuticals industry to eCommerce, automated sorters are becoming a necessity for companies delivering parcels to customers. The Xstream Compact features a small footprint and is supported by NPI’s best-in-class customer service to help you seamlessly transition into automation. It is known for its rapid return on investment which is achieved by labor cost savings, industry leading uptime, and its ability to create a highly efficient operation for businesses.

The Xstream is an automated linear parcel sorting system that can be configured to fit the needs of businesses in various industries including Consolidators, eCommerce, Omnichannel, Pharmaceutical, and 3rd party logistics.  

Compatible with Industry Leading PLC Technologies

Monitor Your Sortation System's Performance with Duravant ONSIGHT™

, Xstream Compact
, Xstream Compact
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, Xstream Compact

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