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, Types of Mail Sorting Machines

As you know, not all mail and packages are created equal. Packages and mail come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, requiring different machines for different types of packaging. NPI offers industry-leading mail sorting equipment that can handle all sorts of packages. Learn about different types of mail sorting machines below, and contact us today!

, Types of Mail Sorting Machines

Combination of Flat and Mixed Mail

Sometimes, it’s convenient to throw all of your letters and parcels into one machine. Our flats/mixed mail machine, Omega SP, is a complete sorter for your needs. It sorts packages and mail into bins based on type for the users’ convenience.

, Types of Mail Sorting Machines

Push Tray Parcel Sorters

Push tray sorters are designed to receive one product at a time that is usually delivered via a conveyor belt. They are usually used to sort individual items into bags, boxes, or envelopes, or other types of parcels.

, Types of Mail Sorting Machines

Parcel Mail

Parcels are mail items that are larger than letters and are in soft packaging. Parcels usually weigh 100 pounds or less. However, due to their unique size, they require a different type of mail sorting machine. Our Xstream parcel sorting machine can handle up to 30,000 parcels and flats per hour. They are sorted into different bins and can read barcodes that are oriented in different directions. Learn more today.

, Types of Mail Sorting Machines

Letter Sorting Machines

Letters are still one of the most popular types of mail that requires sorting. Letter sorting machines are designed to sort letters by destination, cancel them, face them all the right way, and then place barcodes on them for delivery. Our Omega SP letter sorter is one of the most compact letter sorters in the industry. Contact us today.


If you are looking for the best mail sorting machines, NPI can help. We offer sorting solutions to meet your individual needs, and all of our mail sorting machines can be customized. Our team leverages more than 40 years of experience. Get to know us, and call today!