Automated Parcel Sorting for Consolidators

, ConsolidatorsConsolidators combine a fraction of a load from a variety of shippers into one full load. From there, the shipment is transported to the post office for delivery. Using consolidated shipping earns the shipper better rates. Parcel sorting systems like NPI’s Xstream, are a key technology for consolidators, as they can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the consolidation process. One of the main benefits of these systems is their speed. Traditional sorting methods, such as manual sorting by workers, can be slow and labor-intensive. Automated systems, on the other hand, are able to sort parcels at a much faster rate, allowing consolidators to process more shipments in a shorter amount of time. This can help to reduce turnaround times for shipments, and can also allow consolidators to handle larger volumes of parcels without the need for additional labor. In addition to speed and accuracy, the Xstream sliding shoe sorter is gentle when compared to other sorting solutions.

Parcel sorting systems have been known to generate a fast return on investment for consolidators. The ROI could be achieved in less than a year in some instances. Scalability is also another factor to consider when looking for an automated sorting system. The NPI Xstream was designed to be modular, allowing for the system to be upgraded easily, and to expand as your business grows.

Benefits of a Parcel sorting system:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Optimized use of floor space
  • Best in class for processing poly bags
  • Streamlined packing process
  • Less damaged products and packages
  • Better use of floor space

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