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, Asendia USA Enhances Automation Capabilities with NPI at Expanded Chicago Facility

NPI is pleased to announce its pivotal role in the operational enhancements at Asendia USA’s expanded Chicago facility. Through our trusted partnership, Asendia USA has integrated state-of-the-art parcel automation technology from NPI, positioning their facility as a beacon of excellence in the industry.

The consolidation of Asendia USA’s three Chicago-area processing operations into one expansive location marked a strategic move towards operational efficiency, conveniently located near ORD airport. Now, with the unveiling of further parcel automation enhancements, Asendia USA solidifies its commitment to excellence, with NPI’s solutions as a key role in the transformation of their operations.

Spanning 80,000 square feet, the expanded facility offers a streamlined operation, replacing multiple buildings with one centralized hub for increased efficiency and growth. Customers will benefit from expedited processing times and enhanced service, with the help of NPI’s advanced automated systems tailored to Asendia USA’s specific needs.

Central to these improvements is the integration of our Xstream Compact, a dual-sided parcel sorting system, boasting features designed to optimize operational productivity. From bulk feed conveyors to multiple output destinations, our solution efficiently sorts parcels, minimizing touches and maximizing efficiency throughout Asendia USA’s processing operations.

“Our parcel automation allows us to process more parcels with a high level of quality. Our 51-bin parcel sorter allows us to dim, weigh, scan, and sort parcels all in one simplified process, reducing touches along the way and increasing efficiencies throughout processing,” said Joe Criesi, Senior Vice President of Operations at Asendia USA. “It has been a great experience partnering with NPI who saw the vision for what Asendia needed and developed a system capable of handling the many different types of parcels processed throughout our facility.”

“At NPI, our goal with every project is to improve productivity and efficiency by leveraging the flexibility and ingenuity of our engineering and operations teams,” said Benny Landrum, Regional Sales Manager at NPI. “In the case of Asendia USA, it was a great pleasure working with such an engaged and smart team, who not only understood their operations extremely well, but also knew exactly what they desired in automation. Their deep understanding of their operations and clear vision for their transition into automation facilitated a smooth collaboration.”

With these enhancements, Asendia USA is poised to deliver even better service to its e-commerce customers, ensuring faster, more efficient shipping solutions.

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