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Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator


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 Features  Benefits
 Intelligent Workload Balancing  Requires Fewer Operators
 Selectable Singulation Modes  Set to Material Type
 Touchscreen Operator Control Panel  Simple & Clear Operator Interface
 Adjustable Belt Speeds  Define Operator Pace
 Intelligent Feed Injection  Requires Less Operator Intervention
 High Efficiency Servo Motors  Reliable and Accurate Processing
 Programmable Logic Controller  Compatible W/ 3rd Party Equipment
 Up to 10,000 Parcels Per Hour  High Throughput
 Versatile Dumping Options  Dump Multiple Container Types
 Patent Pending Pallet Hold Down Kit  Holds Pallets in Place While Tipping

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Converting Bulk into Singulated Flow

Converting bulk into singulated flow has always been one of the most challenging aspects for feeding automated parcel processing solutions. Historically, there have been two options; either a manual and time consuming approach or a very large footprint automated solution with an extremely high price tag.

To solve this challenge, NPI’s patented Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator is capable of production flows of up to 10,000 PPH and handling a wide array of product types from polybags to boxes. The semi-automated design also allows for the system to be operated with either 1 or 2 operators depending on work flow requirements. The NPI Semi-Automated Bulk Singualtor includes a semi-automatic induction table, independent power control panel, PLC and NPI’s touch screen operator control panel. Additional options include a dumper to discharge gaylords, pallets, or carts. It can be used to feed a single induction lane or split the load between two induction lanes by smart-sensing available space on each lane and directing product flow appropriately.

The Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator can run in a variety of different modes that allow for optimum induction, based on product type. This can include combinations of fast automatic induction, slow automatic induction and a manual pull mode. Programmable options on the touch screen operator control panel allow employees to easily switch between modes based on product type to optimize flow.

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