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Our History

Since 1977

About NPI

NPI, a Duravant company in the Dallas/Fort Worth area producing cutting edge letter and parcel sortation systems. NPI has been in the sorter business for over 40 years, and has systems installed worldwide. We set the standard for affordable, high quality, low maintenance machines. Our team of experts work together to design, build, and install automated letter and parcel sortation systems, but we don't stop there. We also offer onsite service and maintenance, while offering the most compact designs in the industry. Our exclusive patented technology is configurable into modular designs allowing you to save on labor, floor space, and cost. Our sorters are equipped with the most advanced, user-friendly software to help streamline automation.

To be the leading provider of best-in-class hardware, software, and service products delivering innovative solutions to fulfillment companies, postal and parcel operators, helping them maximize their processing efficiencies.

Supported by state of the art software, hardware, and the highest levels of customer service, NPI provides solutions which will maximize customers’ investment and improve the efficiency and quality of customers’ mail and parcels sorting.

NPI has been at the forefront of the developing technology in the mail sorting industry since 1978. Since the earliest days of the first S-4 sorter, NPI has maintained its reputation for unique technological innovation with a series of key breakthroughs. NPI’s patented technologies are designed to address the most important issues in mail sorting today.

History of NPI

January 1

Foundation of NPI

October 4

First mail sorters (S4) produced and installed

October 4

MS-1100 letter sorter hits the market

October 4

Foundation of NPSI (pre-sort services) with main locations in TX, NE, OK, GA, DE; 600+ employees

October 4

NPI wins USPS competition for DBCS runoff and is awarded an order by the USPS to deliver 614 NP4000 DBCS letter sorting machines in partnership with Martin Marietta

October 4

NPI awarded by Australia Post to supply 57 NP8000 letter sorting machines

October 4

Canada Post commissions NPI to upgrade and re-manufacture 75 DBCS systems

October 4

NPSI is sold to Pitney Bowes allowing NPI to focus purely on Design and Manufacturing

October 4

NPI acquires MidSouth Technologies expanding its market share in the Letter sorter industry

October 4

NPI enters the parcels/ e-commerce space with its Omnisort sweep sorter

October 4

NPI releases Xstream high throughput parcel sorter

October 4

NPI releases world’s fastest letter sorting machine Crossfire

October 4

NPI awarded contracts with Brazil Post totaling over $100 million USD

October 4

To date 1,200+ sorters installed around the world

August 15

NPI Acquired by Duravant