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Support & Service

In need of immediate technical support? – Call +1 (877) 674-7678 

Our customers always come first, that’s why our employees do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction with our solutions from the moment they leave our building. Our representatives have the experience and training required to properly install and maintain your sorting systems for peak performance. We truly have a passion for supporting our customers. Our top priority is to ensure that you see a return on your investment through NPI’s innovative services and systems. We understand that reliable support keeps your systems running, saves you money, and allows you to serve your customers better.​

Phone Support

Field Service

On-Site Service Support Team

Our Tools

To provide our Customers with the best service possible NPI uses some of the best Software and Tools on the market. Each one is used to provide feedback to our customers, engineers, and production on how our products and services are performing in real time. With our CRM our Support Team and Account Managers can stay connected with issues our customers are facing. Trends are analyzed for product improvements. Issues can be escalated efficiently through our entire organization, to guarantee our customers success. 

Our service contract customers will have their assets entered into our CMMS. Maintenance routines will be created, and detailed reports provided with every service call. On-Call service requests can also be made with a scan of a QR code. ​​

24/7 Help Desk

NPI customers can gain access to our Helpdesk Technicians with or without a support contract in place. We continue to make it easier for our customers to reach the support they need to keep their assets working to their full potential. If network security protocols allow, our technicians can remote into the system and assist in diagnosing faults. Our hotline is monitored 24/7, you can talk to a live expert to help answer your questions. connect via the web to create tickets, live chat with support, or view ticket history.​

Training Services

NPI recommends that at least one qualified technician complete maintenance training prior to sorter installation. Maintenance training can be conducted on-site after sorter installation as long as training will not impact production. Training has shown to maximize machine uptime and minimize repair needs. Employees that have been properly trained to run a system typically have higher throughput rates and a greater influence on your business. Properly trained employees can also reduce the amount of support needed by NPI and increase production rates.

Non-Contract Services

All NPI Services can be provided without a contract and requested via your account manager or our 24/7 Helpdesk.​

Our Field Engineer services are not included in our contract services and can be quoted at rates annually. ​

Pricing has travel included​
Usually needed for more complex issues:​

Camera and Dimenisoners ​

Contract Services

On-Call Service is just that, with a retainer fee, NPI technicians in your area are on-call 24/7. In most cases our technician can be there within 3-4 hours to service equipment and return it to working condition. Each call is a minimum three-hour charge at rates depending on if the call was made during or after regular business hours. Our Preventive Maintenance Programs can be catered to meet the customers existing maintenance programs. From no on-site maintenance to assisting the customer technicians, we can design a program that will meet your needs. ​​

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance is a program used to optimize and extend the life of equipment. NPI schedules preventative maintenance for equipment to identify and fix problems before they become failures.

Our Preventive Maintenance Programs can be catered to meet the customers existing maintenance programs. From no on-site maintenance to assisting the customer technicians, we can design a program that will meet your needs.​​



Phone Support

NPI provides 24-hour office coverage Monday through Friday. Weekend calls are handled by NPI’s on-call technician.

Call or contact your NPI Representative to learn more about service options, our standard phone support service contract or pay-per-call support.

Field Service

Whenever needed, NPI field technicians can be dispatched to your facility

For more information, contact your NPI Representative

On-Site Service Support Team

An NPI On-Site Service Technician or Team is an attractive alternative to maintaining technical support staff. Support is immediate and extends all the way back to NPI Dallas!

For more information, contact your NPI Representative

Spare Parts

Do you need parts now?

Send an email to with a completed parts request form or call +1 (214)-634-2288 ext. 249 to place an order with our parts team.

When your parts order is received, you will receive a confirmation containing your order number and information that applies to the request.

Contact your NPI Representative to learn about extended warranty programs for parts