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, User License Codes

IDEAlliance has recently changed their approach to the Mail.dat User License Codes. As many of you know, Mail.dat is a communication standard owned and maintained by IDEAlliance and used to facilitate electronic documentation and postage payment to the USPS via PostalOne!
Prior to 2013, the end users of the Mail.dat files were required to purchase a User License Code in order to properly use the specification. However, beginning this year, software vendors are now able to become royalty licensees with IDEAlliance and directly provision the User License Code to their customers.

To date, there are 5 software companies who are now royalty licensees including NPI. As such, these companies are now able to provision a User License Code to those Mail.dat customers who have not already obtained their own direct code from IDEAlliance. It should also be noted that IDEAlliance still offers the option to directly license the Mail.dat as an end user. The price is now set at $400.
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