Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System

, Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System

Sort up to 24,000 Letters and 18,000 Flats Per Hour

The NPI Vsort is revolutionizing flat-sorting technology with an industry leading throughput of 24,000 letters and 18,000 flats per hour. Equipped with patented anti-jam technology and remarkable speed, it effectively reduces the necessity for human intervention. This results in significant cost savings and improved profits. The Vsort boasts impressive throughput capabilities and processes letters and flats up to 0.6 inches thick.

Featuring a modular design, the Vsort was created with your future growth in mind. The modular design gives you the ability to add more chutes and/or pockets when needed.

At the end of the day, what you really care about is your bottom line — and that’s where Vsort really shines.

, Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System

Watch The Vsort in Action

Revolutionizing Flat Sorting Technology

Up to 24,000 Letters & 18,000 Flats Per Hour  |  Compact and Scalable Design  |  Reduce Labor Requirements

An Unmatched and Easy to Use Flat Sorting System

High Throughputs of Letters and Flats

Throughputs up to 24,000 Letters and 18,000 Flats Per Hour

Top Performing Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR)

With text and handwritten capabilities

Omni-Directional Software-Based Barcode Reader

Processes IMB, two-dimensional and linear barcodes

Processes Flats up to 0.6” Thick

Reliably processes thicker flats

Advanced Sweep-Less Chute Design
User-Friendly Diagnostic Tools

View the statistics of your sorting operations

Sorter Pocket Design Leverages Patented Anti-Jam Technology

For more reliable processing

Flexible Stacker Design

Allows for pockets, chutes or a combination of both

Transmission-Free, Direct-Drive System

Reduces power consumption, downtime, and decibel level

Optional Integrated Conveyor

Reduces labor requirements

Modular Design

Provides the ability to accommodate future growth by adding more chutes and/or pockets

New Optesuite Postal and Analytics Software Package

Software required to process mail for USPS

Configured for Incoming and Outgoing Mail Operations

A versatile letter and flats sorting solution

Physical Mail Characteristics
LENGTHMin 5″ (127 mm) / Max 13″ for mixed (330 mm)
Max 15″ for flats (381 mm)
HEIGHTMin 3.5″ (88.9 mm) / Max 11.75″ (254 mm)
THICKNESSMin 0.007″ (.178 mm) / Max .5″ (12.7 mm)
Power Requirements
VOLTAGE208 VAC 3 phase Wye configuration
CURRENT30 – 90 Amps per phase
– or –
VOLTAGE415 VAC 3 phase Wye configuration
CURRENT15 – 45 Amps per phase
MAGAZINEStandard capacity: 55″ (1409.7 mm)
READER TRANSPORT UNITMounting provisions for Reader Camera; Section to level the mail to transport deck
PICK-OFF RATELetter: Up to 24,000 mailpieces per hour; Flats: Up to 18,000 mailpieces per hour
DELAY MODULELatency section of OCR and Address Lookup
INKJET/BARCODE READER*Inkjet and Barcode Reader/Verifier; Transport Section
12 POCKET STACKER MODULEPocket capacity: 15″ (381mm) of mail per bin
Optional Equipment
12 Pocket Chute Module(s)
12 Pocket Mixed Module
Conveyor System
Operating Environment
FLOOR LANDING33 lbs/sq. inch (2.3kg/sq. cm)
TEMPERATURE50° F (10° C) to 104° F (40° C)
RELATIVE HUMIDITYUp to 95% non-condensing

Mail Size
Flats11 or 2*B
Mixed11 or 2*C
Mail Size Reference
Maximum Thickness1/4″ (6.35 mm)1/2″ (12.7 mm)3/8″ (9.5 mm)
Maximum Length11 1/2″ (292.1 mm)15″ (381 mm)13″ (330 mm)
Maximum Height6 3/8″ (162.1 mm)12″ (304.8 mm)12″ (304.8 mm)

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, Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System

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, Vsort Letter & Flats Sorting System

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