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, Move Update for Flats

NPI has worked hard, collaborated with industry vendors, and took the initiative with the USPS for the allowance of move updates on flats. This has resulted in USPS regulation changes that will allow for two IMBs on a flat. With this rule change, our customers can now respray an IMB and include a COA if needed. The Change of Address (COA) information can now be printed on a flat, even if applying a second IMB on the flat. This rule change is effective on January 27th, 2013.

Before the move update for flats implementation, options were limited: reject the COA and return it to the customer, or mail the flat at full rate.


• Doing the COA on the flat can result in quicker delivery times.
• Provides a new source of revenue for doing the move update.
• New value-added service can be created to supply the move update back to the customer using email.

Equipment Requirements

• If the Vsort is equipped with a VideoJet, an additional printer will be required.
• If the Vsort has a Kodak printer, the label definition for the spray area must be modified.