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, Choosing a Linear Sliding Shoe Parcel Sorter

, Choosing a Linear Sliding Shoe Parcel SorterThere are several options available when looking for a linear sliding shoe sorter. Many of these sorters essentially serve the same purpose, but there are a couple that stand out from the rest. When looking for a sliding shoe sorter, it’s important to consider many factors: 

  • What is the throughput of the sorter? How many parcels can it sort per hour? 
  • How big is the footprint? Does it make good use of floor space? 
  • Is the operating software user friendly? 
  • What types of output options are available? 
  • Can it process irregularly shaped parcels and poly bags? 
  • How often does it require maintenance? 

Throughput Rate

Linear sliding shoe sorters are typically used for high-speed sortation of a large number of parcels per hour. They are efficient at handling diverse parcel sizes and are gentle at the point of the divert. When deciding on a shoe sorter for your company, it’s important to estimate what your throughput needs are. If you’re handling over 10,000 parcels per hour, the Xstream Dual Lane Shoe Sorter may be the right choice. The Xstream can reach a throughput rate of sorting 24,000 parcels per hour. If you’re sorting less, then a Xstream Single Lane Shoe Sorter may be a better fit for your business, which has a throughput of up to 10,000 parcels per hour.  

Modular and Scalability

A key advantage of a linear sliding shoe sorter is that many of them are modular and scalable. The Xstream high density sliding shoe sorter was designed specifically for this, allowing it to easily scale to your needs. It’s a very compact system that makes efficient use of your valuable floor space and can be used with your existing conveyor systems. 

, Choosing a Linear Sliding Shoe Parcel SorterGapping and DWS

Another advantage that the Xstream has over other sliding shoe parcel sorters is that the dimension, weigh, and scan (DWS) system includes a high-speed automatic gapping conveyor before the scanning tunnel. This gapping conveyor automatically creates a gap between the parcels moving through the system. The purpose of this is to create a large enough gap between parcels so that the DWS system can properly measure, scan, and weigh the parcel. A direct benefit of the gapping system is that the operator does not need to create the gap in between parcels themselves, which increases the rate of throughput. The DWS Tunnel can also be fitted with a camera under the conveyor system to allow for scanning of parcels that are upside down. NPI offers a six-sided scanning system, down to 5g of scale accuracy, and legal for trade dimensioning. 

, Choosing a Linear Sliding Shoe Parcel SorterSliding Shoes and Output Options

The Xstream’s shoes and slats are designed to gently sort flats, poly bags, boxes and irregularly shaped parcels into your preferred output. The outputs are fitted with chutes with product control technology for precise distribution of parcels into containers. Output options consist of gaylords, mail carts, mail sacks, accumulation slides, and totes. Additionally, with the Xstream you can choose your output to be 22”, 33”, or 44” pitch with ability to mix. 


A key benefit that the NPI Xstream has over its competition is the versatile and user-friendly web-based WCS software that can be integrated with your system using a secure and standardized API to transmit package data.  

Services & Support

Preventative maintenance is offered by NPI to optimize performance and extend the life of the equipment. Preventative maintenance programs can be catered to work collaboratively with the customer’s existing maintenance programs. 

With NPI, technicians in your area are on-call 24/7. In most cases, technicians can be there within 3 to 4 hours to service equipment and return it to working condition. The Xstream is fitted with an easy access side frame that allows technicians to make repairs or replacements quickly when needed. 


Consult with your integrator or simply talk directly with the sliding shoe sorter manufacturer for guidance on choosing the right shoe sorter for you. 

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