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, What is a Sliding Shoe Sorter

How Does a Sliding Shoe Sorter Work?

, What is a Sliding Shoe Sorter

The whole process starts with the Semi-Automatic Bulk Singulator where hundreds of parcels are tipped on to a singulation table. The singulation table automatically conveys the parcels towards one or two operators where they then place the parcel on to the main conveyor infeed. From there, the parcel is guided down the conveyor to a gapping system where the conveyors automatically create a gap between each parcel. The parcel is then conveyed toward the scanning tunnel. The scanning tunnel is where cameras are capable of scanning multiple barcodes in motion on the parcel. The tunnel also detects the length, width, height, and weight of the parcel. Lastly, the parcel gets conveyed on to a conveyor consisting of shoes and slats where the parcel is successfully diverted into it’s designated output. Output options include chutes, gaylords, mail sacks, accumulation slides, runout conveyors, and more. All successful sorts are confirmed with NPI’s software using a sensor that informs the system for divert confirmation, “bin present” and “bin full” notifications. The Xstream Sliding Shoe Sorter can be used to sort poly bags, flats, irregular parcels, and boxes up to 60lbs.

When to Choose a Sliding Shoe Sorter for your Operation

A sliding shoe sorter can be extremely effective and could have a fast return on investment if:

  • You’re looking for a high speed solution to sort parcels (Up to 24,000 per hour)
  • You’re looking for a precise and accurate parcel sorting system
  • You need to sort parcels of many different shapes and sizes quickly
  • You’re looking for a low maintenance automated sorting system
  • You’re looking for a sorting system that is scalable with a small footprint
  • You’re looking for a gentle automated sorting solution

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Many different industries have been known to use sliding shoe sorters which greatly benefit their operations on a cost and time saving basis showing fast return on investment. From the pharmaceuticals industry to eCommerce, automated sorters are becoming an industry standard for high volume distribution centers.

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increases speed of shipping operations
  • Precise accuracy
  • High throughput
  • Gentle sorting of parcels