NPI Automated Sorting Systems


NPI’s Xstream High Throughput Sliding Shoe Sorter sorts a wide range of parcels with maximum efficiency. Depending on the size of parcels to be sorted, the Xstream can reach throughputs up to 24,000 parcels per hour by utilizing NPI’s linear dual lane sorter design. The dual lane design allows for a higher throughput of parcels, more than doubling the throughput of the Xstream Compact Sliding Shoe Sorter.

, NPI Automated Sorting Systems
, NPI Automated Sorting Systems

Xstream Compact

NPI’s Xstream Compact Sliding Shoe Sorter is recognized for being a highly efficient and compact automated sorting solution with a modular design that allows it to scale as your business grows. Depending on the size of parcels to be processed, the Xstream Compact can reach throughputs up to 10,000 parcels per hour. It provides a platform capable of sorting a wide range of mail or package types from flats mail to poly bags or boxes. It has a rapid return on investment, small footprint, excellent uptime, and is supported by NPI’s best-in-class customer service to help you seamlessly transition into automation.

Parcel Singulator

NPI’s patented Parcel Singulator is capable of production flows of up to 10,000 PPH and handling a wide array of product types from polybags to boxes. The semi-automated design also allows for the system to be operated with either 1 or 2 operators depending on work flow requirements. The NPI Parcel Singulator includes a semi-automatic induction table, independent power control panel, PLC and NPI’s touch screen operator control panel. Additional options include a dumper to discharge gaylords, pallets, or carts. It can be used to feed a single induction lane or split the load between two induction lanes by smart-sensing available space on each lane and directing product flow appropriately.

, NPI Automated Sorting Systems
, NPI Automated Sorting Systems

Vsort Letter and Flats Sorting System

The NPI Vsort is revolutionizing flat-sorting technology with an industry leading throughput of 24,000 per hour. Featuring a modular design, the Vsort was created with your future growth in mind. NPI’s modular Vsort gives the customer the ability to add more chutes and/or pockets when needed.

At the end of the day, what you really care about is your bottom line — and that’s where Vsort really shines. With its combination of speed and anti-jam technology, this amazing letter and flats sorter minimizes the need for human intervention. Which translates to real cost savings and improved profits for your company.

Maxim Letter Sorting System

With its advanced reading and sorting technology, lightning-fast processing speeds, and a wide range of pocket options, the Maxim is the obvious choice for high-volume mail sorting. But don’t just take our word for it, compare the Maxim to other sorters and see for yourself how it outperforms the rest.

In a demanding mailing environment, you need a sorter that can handle it all. Trust the Maxim to deliver the flexibility, reliability, and high-performance you need to streamline your operations and take your letter and mail sorting requirements to the next level.

, NPI Automated Sorting Systems
, NPI Automated Sorting Systems

Omega Letter and Flats Sorting System

Boasting an impressive throughput of up to 20,000 pieces per hour, the Omega is equipped with the industry’s most advanced Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) capable of reading both handwritten and text. In addition, its software-based barcode reader, which supports IMB, two-dimensional, and linear barcodes, is highly efficient and reliable.

We have incorporated patented anti-jam technology in our sorter pocket design, providing a more dependable and efficient process that reduces downtime and increases productivity. With the Omega, you only need one operator, and its integration with the popular Microsoft® Windows platform makes it user-friendly, minimizing user training.